The COMPANY SELECTED items THAT ARE MEANT TO BE PAID FOR ONLINE ,are expected to be paid online, but in a situation whereby the clients wants to pay in cash, proper communication will be done before the procurement and proper address will be provided. But we have a secured channel for transfer payment

As per delivery, we deliver within 24 hours of the set date of delivery. Once a delivery is not possible we shall refund full payment provided the delay is from our side, but in a situation where by the customer cancelled the order after procurement, we shall make a refund of 50% of total order. But in a situation where the order is still under processing we shall refund full amount to the client.

In case of breach of the terms , maybe a client gave a wrong address such client will be responsible for additional transportation cost.

And from sellers that is alakowe market, should there be mix up with orders or any items, our client is having the right to request for full payment and a compensation equivalent to the order will be given as

The obligation of the buyer is to provide accurate information upon sign up, correct address, be sure of items in the carts before checking out.

Sellers obligation is to confirm buyers orders before processing, one or two communication will be put forward with an email confirmation or calls before processing the order, and sellers will ensure that all Items are correct and delivered to appropriate destinations.

In respect to fail transaction, we are not liable liable for deducted fail transaction during payment as the customer’s bank should be contacted.

We can’t and we don’t have access to any customers payment card details.